Cosmetic surgery and postoperative dangers.

Cosmetic surgery and postoperative dangers. The numbers are staggering. A recently published study tells us that the medical aesthetics market is growing. It is estimated that “the annual growth of the global market between 2013 and 2017 should be 10% and reach 7.1 billion euros. (…) The global market is estimated between

4.1 and 4.8 billion euros in 2012, up 10% over the previous year, and an identical growth rate is expected in 2013, according to the annual study of Imcas (International Master Course on Aging Skin), a congress dedicated to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. “Undergoing cosmetic surgery is not a simple visit to the beauty salon: it is a medical act. Like any medical procedure, it has its share of health risks. Do you know them ? If each type of intervention (liposuction, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, etc.) has its specific risks, overall, cosmetic surgeries have the same risks of complications and side effects as any other surgical procedure. Surgery that requires anesthesia should not be taken lightly. Between 2000 and 2006, they were responsible for 4 deaths in Quebec. Although death rarely occurs, up to 1 in 10,000 cases, you should consider other more common complications. Thus, nausea, headaches or memory problems can occur in up to 1 in 10 cases. Scars are inevitable, definitive and indelible. Even cosmetic surgery leaves scars. Does this surprise you? Know that today, despite all the advances in medicine, no technology can remove a scar. The healing can be prolonged during 3 years. You imagined your convalescence to make you tan peacefully? Aim for shade for the next few years!  During a period ranging from 6 to 36 months, the scar changes its appearance before reaching its final appearance. It must be protected from the sun, because a fresh scar bronze and will keep this tanned appearance even when your skin has turned pale. An infection could also change his appearance. In fact, the final appearance of your scar is unpredictable. Even in the absence of complications and regardless of the body region, it is possible that the scar retains its original appearance. You may not have thought about it, but the success of surgery depends on a host of factors and is not limited to the health of the area operated.